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When you arrived,

you melted my heart,

my name changed to mummy,

I made a new start.

Life before you, was over,

but darling I did not mind,

Because I had you in my arm’s,

Gods gift, one of a kind.

Quickly you were walking,

and getting into strife,

the beginning of your very own,

independent life.

I took you to the play-school,

where new friends shared happy times,

chatting laughing, playing, singing kiddie rhymes.

I took you everywhere with me,

Of you I was so proud,

your beauty drew many compliments,

you stood out of the crowd.

Today you are independent,

not long until you will roam,

You talk of living in a flat,

and managing on your own,

I know that you can do it,

and that I must, set you free,

But I am scared for you my darling,

I’m still mummy you see.

I fear what is ahead of you,

the same road on which I trod,

So I curl up with my memories,

and put my faith in God.

God watch over and protect her,

as you lead her on her way,

you trusted me, now I trust you,

Love her Lord I pray.

It’s wondrous what a hug can do,
A hug can cheer you when you’re blue,
Hug can say “I love you so,”
or, “Gee I hate to see you go”.

Hug can sooth a small child’s pain,
and bring a rainbow after rain,
The hug! there’s just no doubt about it,
We scarcely could survive without it.
A hug delights and warms and charms,
it must be why God gave us arms.

Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,
sweet for sisters, swell for brothers,
And chances are, some favourite aunts,
will love them more, than potted plants.

Kittens crave them, Puppies love them,
Heads of state, are not above them.
A hug can break a language barrier,
and make the dullest day seem merrier,

No need to fret about the store of em,
The more you give, the more there are of em.
So stretch those arms, without delay,
and give someone a hug

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