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British Prisons U.K. Wide spectrum issues covered.
Fingerprint/forensic ridgeologist consultant and a Fellow of the Fingerprint Society

UK Free Service for Solicitors Court Diary.

Administrative Law Bar Association U.K.

Academy of Experts U.K.

Barnardos U.K.

Society of Expert Witnesses U.K.

British and Irish Legal Information Institution BALLI

Find any Government dept UK

Law Society N.Ireland

Law Library Dublin Four Courts.


Virtual Autopsy U.K.

District Policing Partnerships (DPPs) Northern Ireland Police Service.

Jury Argument. The Center for Criminal Justice.

The Cop Spot Network.

Kieron Woods Barrister Dublin

Acts of Injustice.

Frank Bennett Technical author and photo journalist Technical Publications Press Media PR Consultants. his site.

U.K. Based Police Stations

National Patient Safety Agency

Irish Medical Links.

Action for Victims of Medical Accidents

Prisoner Menatality and related issues Post Incarceration Syndrome

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