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Meat Loaf MAD!!! Mp3's with printed lyrics so you can sing yer heart out along to your fav MEATLOAF tracks. Site started DEC 2007

Assistance and information links for single parents.

Any male can be a Father, it takes a


to be a


Single Dads by June.

Where are all the Daddies?
come out and take a bow!
your turn has come to shine,
your in the limelight now.

So many tales from single mums
all chatting on the net
but women do it too you know
they leave without regret.

We all identify with the plight
of the usual cliché
"oh they argued again lastnight,
and the fathers gone today".
In family history throughout this world,
and dealings I have had,
most men can be a "father",
it takes a Man to be a DAD.

When his kids look up at him,
to them, he’s just their Dad,
they can know nothing of the sorrows,
the troubles he has had.

This is as it should be,
for if his jobs done right,
his children will sleep soundly,
dreaming kids dreams at night.

And when he sits alone,
and is thinking of his lot,
he can look around him and,
appreciate what he’s got.

Those sleeping kids are to his credit,
and rely on him in every way,
to bring them safely from the night,
and lead them through each day.
This takes a special kind of man,

So regard yourself with pride,
lift high your head and face this world,
with your children by your side.
In this year, the last of a decade,
should we not be more aware?
of the single Dad’s around us,
and show them that we care.

Readerbank. A site with links to help sites for Fathers.
Thanx Chris.

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