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Poem for Josh Written in years past.

The Little guy.
To enter this world he used all his mite,
in a dreadful struggle he was born that night.
His father shed tears , as he watched little guy and me,
They worried they could lose us both you see.

The little guy came through it all so well,
and would make it now....I could tell.
As they took me to theatre, we spoke of our fears,
and I wiped away his falling tears.

So brave I was in front of the one,
who is the Father of our first son.
But in my mind I said goodbye,
and recalled the sound of our sons first cry.

As I wakened, in that hospital bed,
all manner of thoughts raced through my head.
Then opening my eyes, I turned and could see,
my Guardian angel, watching over me.

“ Its all right love” whispered in my ear,
“Our son is fine, how are you my dear?”
The fear in his heart, could be seen in his face,
He was bringing us both home,
By Gods good grace.

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