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238 Moira Road Lisburn

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WRITINGS, poems and such

THIS IS MY SPACE. com online Blog info - Legal Child Abduction U.K.

  • Robbed Childhood. Written by Child Abuse Survivor.

  • Book Author of Robbed Childhood a True Story of Child Abuse, Rob lives in New Zealand and can be contacted direct through email from this website or Text No:02102368843 should you wish to buy a copy of this book and arrange shipping. Book Price is $30 NewZealand Dollars.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Adolescent Wellbeing.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Alcohol Use.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Family Activity.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Family Pack.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Full family assessment.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Assessment Guide.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Home Conditions.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Initial Record.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Parenting Daily Hassles.

  • Social Services Assessment Form: Recent Life Events.

  • Social Services Assessment CORE 0 years.

  • Social Services Assessment CORE 3 years.

  • Social Services Assessment CORE 5-9 years.

  • Social Services Assessment CORE 10 years.

  • Social Services Assessment CORE 15 years.

  • Social Services Multi-Disciplinary Framework DOH 2000. S.W. Reports written using this as guidelines.

  • Social Services Documents.

  • Cars Motorbikes Monster Trucks Exotic Bird Stock Racing Games.

    Josh's page: Dinosaur Street Car Drag Racer Sport Harley Davidson Aircraft Yugioh Education.

    Kenny's page: Enchanted Learning 4 Wheel Drive Modified Cars Ride Judge Import Drag Racer.

    Stacey's page: English Resources U.K. BBC Bitesize. Featured children and teens, up to 16 yr olds submit their poems. Horoscopes U.K.

    Trace Military - Forces - Service - Men & Women

    Where are they now? Page for anyone to leave messages for those in thier past.

    Meningitis: Babywatch...signs to watch for.

    Drugs and kids, information for parents and carers.

    Medical links for assistance and information.

    Educational links for all ages.

    Games links play online or download and play offline for all ages.

    Birthday fun. What was the music news or happening the day you were born.

    Extraneeds. Links to assist with disability needs.

    Family Name. Trace the history of your name within these sites find the name crest.

    Single Parent links, help with being a single parent Mother or Father.

    Northern Ireland Council Offices and Transport Bus Train and Air List.

    Gosee. Things to do and see places to go in Ireland as a local.

    Local Fermanagh help links.

    New additions to this site to be placed in sections.

    Newspapers throughout Ireland
    Michael Green,s Ireland Newsletter.

    United Kingdom Newspapers.

    Newsfeed direct to the site updated daily.

    Northern Ireland and Government Links

    The Harassment Act Also known as the Stalkers act.

    Specialists links, fingerprinting court and contacts.

    Caspers website takes a while to load but you can hear them play and watch the still photography shots change so you can see each member playing in CASPER!

    CASPER.......Omagh ROCK BAND with ROCK FORUM and MESSAGE boards

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    Meat Loaf MAD!!! Mp3's with printed lyrics so you can sing yer heart out along to your fav MEATLOAF tracks. Site started DEC 2007

    Junes Links Site, Built free for all by all.

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