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Many links collected, each within each link or go to the home page of each link. Please send me any you would like added. These are my collection of links for those of us with EXTRA needs.

Were you in a home or fostered from a home within the U.K. A lady named Babs has begun a contact group so we can look up those we were in care with, join the group to browse members you may find friends of old.
Click here to go visit or Join..CHILDRENS HOMES U.K. COMMONWEALTH.

Click Here to email Babs at Childrens Homes U.K.
European Year of People with Disabilities - 2003

Special Children

Children Special Needs. org

Awareness for children with special needs

Site for Head Injured People

Accident 999 Head Injury info

Site for Deaf and Blind people

Care Directions U.K.

Sight loss site.

National Association for Crohns and Colitis Sufferers and other Bowel problems

Arthritis Management.

Bi Polar org Depression.

Directory for those struggling with depression.


For children and the carers.


Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalous

Talking Point org U.K.

I CAN org U.K.

DWP - Benefits and Services A-Z

The Williams Syndrome Foundation - Resources: Links

SpinalNet - Do you live in the Republic of Ireland?
Community Programmes : Northern Ireland : Connected Community Learning

NSPCC - New Director for Northern Ireland

DisChat | Disability Friendly Venues

Lukemia Research Lisburn Co/Antrim


Disabilities Sports Council

Warm Home NI. GRANTS

List of Orgs

National Deaf Children's Society - NDCS Northern Ireland

Share Music, music courses for disabled people - LINKS
Rural Development Council, Northern Ireland, social and economic development

OSFC Northern Ireland - Useful Links

Mental Health Organisations: Northern Ireland

SDA Holiday information, Disability holiday organisations M to Q

Specific Disability Search Engine

F.A.C.T. Families Achieving Change Together

Northern Ireland Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux

UK Disability Forum Women's Committee

Barnardo's - Giving children back their future

The Northern Ireland Ombudsman's Office

Childrens Commission

Disability Action Headquarters

Schools Directory - UK and Northern Ireland

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland Enniskillen Charity.

Association of Eurythmists in GB and Ireland

DLF Links - Organisation by keyword

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act

Down's Syndrome Association


Association of Youth with M.E. - Information For Pupils

Useful Addresses & Phone Numbers

WWT - Learn for Life

Disability View. online magazine

NSE : Information on epilepsy: Education and epilepsy


UK Holiday Cottages England Ireland Scotland Wales and France

Love for Life - special needs

Skill: National Bureau for Students With Disabilities

Welcome to New Opportunities Fund

Orgs Links



I CAN - Helps Children Communicate

Learning Disorders

Fibromyalgia Support N. Ireland

UK Disability Forum for European Affairs

Focus on Disability

BUBL UK: UK Registered Charities: Disability

Praxis Care Group


Educational Consultancy by Gabbitas

National Deaf Children's Society - Publications

Parentzone - Useful organisations

Special Educational Needs

Special educational needs organisations Literacy Trust

Handicapped Scuba Association International

Education Centre - Key Stage 3 Special Needs

(Special Educational Needs) Regulations (Northern Ireland)

The Leprosy Mission, Scotland - Special needs

ISSEN - Links relating to special needs in education

Disabled Students Allowance Higher Education Universities Colleges Ireland Fermanagh

14 Assistance orgs N.Ireland

Dyslexia, A Modern Epidemic?

Young Minds. ADHD


Young people: police and courts Advice Guide

Keynote Address 4: Mona O'Moore (Ireland)

National Deaf Children's Society - NDCS Northern Ireland

Asthma News in the UK and Ireland: Childhood asthma

Child obesity alert. Parents urged to tackle problem of overweight child Health Promotion org.


Mental Health Care Badly Lacking

Borderline Personality Disorders.B.P.D.

Personality Disorders.

Factsheets on mental health from the Mental Health Foundation

Speech and language disorders.

The Stammering Cured Centre

Impairment-Specific Sites.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust: Key people and contacts - Northern Ireland

The Neurofibromatosis Association


Cloudworld WordAloud visual hearing reading impairment.

Information, Goods and Services for Women in the UK

Nutrition advice, education, information and qualified UK nutrition

Welcome To Autism Networks

Milton Keynes ADHD Family Support Site

PHOBICS SOCIETY email pal listing penpals

The Thistle Foundation - Links

Dangers in Personality Disorders.

The Wimborne Private Clinic.

Evolutionary Origin of Bipolar Disorder.

Carer Liaison org.

Information for Students on Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

UK Dyslexia Live - Links to useful and interesting dyslexia websites

Dyslexia Teaching Today - Case studies.

Learning Services: Psychology Resources.

Advice HQ - Disability.

Enabling Educational Excellence - Professional advisors.

Sensory Integration Network.

FAMILIES ONLINE. Working Mums days off due to extra need children.

Links - National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth.

SEN - Special Education Needs.

SCHOOLNET General Resource Center.

KLB School - Special Educational Needs Links.

YoungMinds Education National Organisations.

Learning Difficulty Links Pages - A-Z of Site Contents.

Dyslexia and the Davis Approach List.

Student Find UK'S Student Directory - Dyslexia and dyslexic. - Support groups. - mental health.

Teaching advice for parents - Autism.

Ireland screening for MOEBIUS SYNDROME.

Contact a Family org. The Government wants YOUR ideas?.

Learning Difficulties.

Learning, concentration and behavioural problems, hyperactivity (ADHD).


Carers UK LINKS.

Do the Drive Theory Test ONLINE.


CCPAS Home Page.

Encephalitis Information - LEA'S

BCS Disability Support Page


Department of Health: A Practical Guide for Disabled People or Carers.

Carers Info for Adults

ACE Centre North

Parents' Place - Respite or shared care

Parkinson's Disease Society UK

"Brunel University ...Disability Handbook

External links for Students - NWIFHE

NSPCC appeals for Volunteers for Young Witness Service

ICTeachers - SEN Links
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