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Drug misuse is a potentially devastating health and societal problem in Ireland. Recent figures showed that 6,043 people attended drug treatment centres in 1998 and, of these, approximately 58% were in the 1524 year age group.

More people under the age of 25 are being treated for drug problems in Ireland than in any other country in the EU. Even the Netherlands, for all its liberal cultural attitudes towards drugs, doesn't even some close to Ireland, with approximately 30% of its under-25s being treated for drug problems.

Nor is Ireland's drug problem limited to the so-called softer drugs. Opiates like heroin were the primary drugs of choice for 80% of Irish people who attended drug treatment centres in 1998. Nearly three in every four Irish drug users abused more than one substance.

Information on Street and illicit Drugs. Be Aware. For the kids sake.

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Pauline Holcroft Mother of Rachel defends use of shock photos of death due to overdose.

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Neuroscience for Kids - Cocaine.
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