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Casper prepare to record new album.

By John McCusker
OMAGH rock outfit Casper have booked studio time next month to put down tracks for a forthcoming album of original material. The band plans to lay down up to a dozen songs during July for inclusion for the CD which is planned for release in the run up to Christmas.
The move follows the discovery of vintage reel-to-reel material recorded during the band’s touring days in the 1980s.
“We have never been as excited about anything musically than this recording and the finding of the reel-to-reel recording of the original songs which we hope to give a real dusting down and revamp for recording and playing live,” said the band’s drummer Conor McCrory this week.
“We will then mix and produce the new CD in September and October for release in November or December time.
“We are also in talks at present with venue owners across Northern Ireland and hope to continue gigging this year but really go to town – or a town near you – in 2007.”
Over the years Casper – Mickey Tracey (guitar), Piero McGartland (bass) and Conor McCrory (drums) – have played rock venues across the length and breadth of Ireland, and played with some of the top rock acts of their time including Mama’s Boys, Horslips and Toejam.
The band broke up in the 1980s but reformed for a gig in the Top of the Town last December.
As part of the revived interest into the group, the rock trio set up a website which contains gig information, photos, news and events as well as a forum to chat to the lads on everything from past gig reviews to the release for a new DVD and CD in the coming months.
Conor McCrory said, “Omagh is enjoying a welcome return to rock music with both old and young rock heads looking to listen to quality bands and discuss rock music in general.
“The same happened in Derry four years ago and they started a website called This site acts as a link to all rockers in Derry and beyond and has a lot of topics on the forum.
“Maybe Omagh needs somthing like this or maybe the Casper website could act as the link site and everyone who logs on, chat away about rock stuff. We have also started a poll on the Casper site on where would be the best Omagh rock venue. Check it out.”


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